Counselling for Youth & 

Young Adults

We provide a range of evidence based treatments for a variety of concerns.

Stress * Anxiety * OCD

Depression * Bipolar Disorder 

Borderline Personality Disorder

Self Esteem * Self Confidence

Anger * Grief & Loss

We work collaboratively with youth and young adults to improve wellness and build skills for life. Our warm approach helps to build trust and rapport.

Counselling sessions are available Monday - Saturday, including evenings.

* Master's level counselling students offer a low cost counselling option.


"Adolescents are not monsters. They are just people trying to learn how to make it among the adults in the world, who are probably not so sure themselves".

                                                                                                                           Virginia Satir

"It is hard to be happy without a life worth living. This is a fundamental tenet of DBT. Of course, all lives are worth living in reality. No life is not worth living. But what is important is that you experience your life as worth living—one that is satisfying, and one that brings happiness".  

                                                                                                                          Marsha Linehan


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